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The Flabbergasting Dating World: Ghosting, The ‘New’ Breakup Concept.

“Someone Disappearing on you doesn’t reflect your worth. It reflects their fear of being ‘seen’” I’m sure all of us has experienced this situation in the past and yes it can be heartbreaking. No matter how hard you try to understand why you’ll never have the answer. The answer won’t belong to you or in something you did. In fact, just reflects their real intentions towards you or at least their afraid of being hurt and provide real love and companionship. Ghosting is the term used to describe the situation when your partner, male or female, cease all the communications with you and never comeback. It isn’t a new phenom, but because dating apps and because couples do all their communication through message or social media, has been studied the last decade with more intensity to understand better the behavior of women and men in the new-age intimate relationships. It’s very common now in our days hear stories of women that were dating one guy and he out of the blue disappear. But be

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